About Us

Our History

SeboTek Hearing Systems is a fast-growing, privately-held company that revolutionized the hearing aid industry with its patented receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) technology.

How It All Began

The journey began in 1984 when SeboTek’s principals, Jim and Mike Feeley, created and began operating their hearing care dispensing facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. There, they developed a deep compassion to help those whose lives are affected with hearing loss.

As hearing care professionals, Jim and Mike experienced first-hand the joy of helping to improve quality of life for people with hearing loss, as well as the sorrow and damage untreated hearing loss can bring to someone’s life. Together with their patients, they also have experienced the challenges and frustrations associated with traditional hearing aids—making and remaking plastic shells due to discomfort, occlusion effects, and other fit-related issues.

As hearing care professionals, Jim and Mike experienced first-hand the joy of helping people with hearing loss enjoy life more fully.

In an effort to improve the quality and efficiency of their fittings, and to find ways to reach more of the 80% of the hearing impaired who were not seeking treatment, they brought service, repair and manufacturing into the SeboTek facility. Jim and Mike also began offering their services on mission trips into third world nations, where they quickly realized that the challenges and frustrations associated with fitting traditional hearing aids in this setting made helping those in need difficult, if not impossible. With millions of people going untreated due to the limitations of traditional hearing aids, their team began to look for a better solution.

Ultimately, they realized that what the industry needed was an all-together new style of hearing aids that would eliminate the fitting challenges associated with the traditional plastic ear molds that nearly all hearing aids used. It was from these experiences and what Jim and Mike believe was a God given vision that the team began working on the development of what would become the patented—the first-ever receiver-in-the-canal hearing device, which was introduced to the industry by SeboTek and its sister company, Clear-tone in early 2003.

Today, SeboTek’s patented RIC technology has become the fastest growing hearing aid product style worldwide.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SeboTek Hearing Systems is a privately-held company that manufactures and distributes the patented and first-ever modular receiver-in-the-canal hearing aid worldwide.