What our Patients Say

Client Testimonials

At SeboTek we’re so confident in the quality of our products we could tout their benefits all day long. Yet, we know there’s no better endorsement than those provided by the end user–the customers whose quality of life has been improved by the help provided by their hearing care professionals. The following are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received about our services and products:

SeboTek customer Arley Fite from Borken Arrow, OK, was recently fit with SeboTek hearing aids for the first time and was kind enough to share his story with us here:

SeboTek — Tell me about your background.

Arley Fite — I’m from southwestern Oklahoma. I moved up here to teach school. I was 45 years old when I decided to go to college. I went through in seven years and got my master’s degree in school administration. I’m now in my ninth year of teaching.

How about your hearing loss? Can you tell me about how it developed?

I had a lot of ear aches when I was a kid growing up. I think maybe that was the reason for my hearing loss. It’s just partial loss. I have had difficulty hearing high tones, like with women’s voices. It seems like I can hear lower tones a little bit better. I’ve had a lot of trouble understanding my students while I’m teaching. At times, I’ve had to ask them two or three times to repeat themselves.

What made you decide to get help?

My wife wanted me to get help and kept telling me–“You need to go check it out.”

How long ago do you think she started noticing your hearing loss?

She thinks she’s noticed it ever since we’ve been married, and we’ve been married 40 years. But in the last three or four years it has gotten worse and she’s been getting tired of me asking (her to repeat herself). In fact she has condensed her words to where it is loud and clear so she won’t have to keep talking. So anyway, she persuaded me to come (to SeboTek).

Did you wear any other hearing aids before SeboTek?

You know I didn’t, but have heard other people say that (SeboTek) had the latest technology, and that you couldn’t see them when they are in your ears.

Was that an aspect that attracted you?

Very much so. I had also seen (them) on TV and noticed that you couldn’t tell they were being worn. And so, we decided to go to the place that we believed to be the very best.

Tell me about getting fit with your hearing aids… Was there an immediate difference?

Oh my! My goodness. It was just like “Wow! What a world!” I was just so elated you just can’t imagine. It was wonderful… still is! What’s amazing is that I can hear the television clearly and easily at the same volume level as everyone else. It’s just so nice to get to hear a movie and hear the words. It’s just the most awesome thing.

Have others noticed a change?

My wife, she’s happier than I am! She loves it. Before, with my students at school it was always, “Could you repeat that? Could you speak up just a little louder so I can hear that?” I’ve said that thousands of times. Now, it’s amazing how crisp and clear I can hear! One student noticed and said “Did you get hearing aids?” But now they forget I have them, because they don’t see them.

How has your experience with SeboTek been?

My experience has been great! And the follow up care they provided to me is the most wonderful thing. Everyone at SeboTek is genuinely interested in making sure that I am satisfied and hearing the very best possible. It’s much, much, more than I expected. I would recommend anybody to come here.

I just want to write a personal thank you to the many individuals who have made my life easier by the products and services you provide. I am astounded by the quality of your RIC hearing aids!

The thing I like most about my RIC hearing aids is the comfort. I wear them from the time I wake up until I go to bed for the night and hardly notice I have them on. They are discreetly small, but powerful enough to enable me to be comfortable in many situations from quiet conversation to the concert hall.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating the marvelous hearing aids and for giving “normal” hearing back to me.

A very grateful customer,
Tulsa, OK

I recently was asked by my Audiologist to test your newest hearing aid. I lost my hearing in my middle 20’s and have been dealing with old fashioned CIC (completely-in-the-canal) aids for the past eight years.

Within the first 30 seconds of trying [the RIC] I told my Audiologist that these were the closest I remember to natural hearing. The other cool thing–I forget I have them on! After testing them for the past two weeks, I find myself in bed and realize I still have my hearing aids on! Normally, the first thing I do when I get home is take off the uncomfortable, but necessary aids and make my family put up with, “Huh? What did you say?”

I am 52 years old and have worked as a marketing associate for the past 17 years. These hearing aids give me a lot of confidence. They are without a doubt the answer to everyone who has a hearing loss. They are comfortable. No messy ear molds, and perfect hearing! What more could anyone ask?

Muskegon, MI

I am a certified audiologist with a Ph.D. I’ve been in the profession since 1955. I developed hearing loss due partially to exposure to excessively loud sounds and partially due to aging. In many situations I do not have any difficulty, but, more typically, I have difficulty with soft spoken persons and when I am in a noisy background.

I had a pair of partially in-the-ear canal digital hearing aids for about a year. I heard well with them in quiet situations, but I had a great deal of difficulty hearing in noise. Sometimes I found I could do better without the aids. In addition, I experienced a vexing problem–I sometimes had the feeling I was talking too loud while wearing the hearing aids.

At a professional convention (in 2004), I happened upon SeboTek’s exhibit. I was complaining about the aids I was wearing. The people in the booth suggested that I try their aid.

Let me try to describe what happened as succinctly as I can. The exhibit hall was noisy. The aids were inserted and turned on. The noise reduction switch position was selected. The noise of the convention was significantly reduced, while I continued to hear the person in front of me perfectly! Then when I started to describe my pleasure at the noise reduction I realized my voice sounded normal, the occlusion effect had been reduced–so that was no longer annoying.

I was able to purchase my hearing aids right then and wore them throughout the remainder of the convention. I am still wearing my hearing aids with very great satisfaction.

William Carver, Ph.D.
Audiologist and President, Auditec of St Louis

I’m 60 years old, and a retired mortician. My wife and I moved from Nebraska to Florida in 2002. We really like living down here, except for the hurricanes!

I guess the way things occurred was pretty much the way they do for many families. When I was younger, I was in the Army, and there was an explosion. I probably can attribute some of my hearing loss to that! After the military, I was in heavy equipment for a little while, and that didn’t help my hearing either. One day my wife had had enough, and she said it was time for me to get my hearing checked. So I guess from the early 1990s or so, I found that I was asking people to repeat things.

I went to one of the national chains, and I tried custom made hearing aids at that time, and it just never worked out for me. The custom made devices never seemed quite right, the background noises were too much for me, and we tried four different hearing aid products, and I returned them all.

The local Naples audiologist took the attitude that we were going to keep trying whatever we had to try–until we solved the problem. One day she tried the SeboTek on me, and there was no comparison. They were immediately better than anything I had tried before, and they are so comfortable that I have caught myself stepping into the shower and almost into the pool with them on! They don’t bother my ears at all. I put them on first thing in the morning and I wear them till I go to sleep.

My SeboTek RIC hearing aids have four digital memories, and they really make a world of difference, not just for hearing regular one-on-one conversations, but for hearing better in noise. I almost never use the telephone circuit because I hear so well with the regular circuit–but if I want to change the circuit, there’s nothing to it. I just reach up and touch the button on the device to change the response. It’s easy, simple, hardly shows at all and makes a phenomenal difference. I think many men are embarrassed to wear hearing aids, but these don’t really show at all, and the difference when I place them in my ears, is night and day.

Naples, Florida

I have worn aids for 7 or 8 years. My first aids were the small mini-canal custom made hearing aids. I was trying a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid when I read an ad for the SeboTek RIC. My audiologist spoke highly of the product, said they were brand new and wanted me to try them.

I got the RIC in April, 2003. My original hearing aids made things louder, but I still could not understand. With the RIC aid, I can suddenly hear. It sounds crisp.

The aids are also incredibly comfortable. I was always aware before of having something in my ear. Wearing my RIC aids, I have even accidentally stepped into the shower, and once into the swimming pool. I just blew on them and dried them, they were fine.

I have never been able to hear passengers in the back seat before, but now I can. I really like that. I also use a normal program, telephone program and noise program.

Cosmetics really weren’t an issue for me. I purchased the RIC style on the recommendation of my audiologist. They really are almost invisible though. I was on a trip and saw a gentleman with a large BTE. I told him to check out SeboTek.

North Palm Beach, FL

Several years ago I was fitted with state of the art CIC hearing aids, I wore them home and for a few hours, took them off, put them in a drawer and never wore them again.

Last month I was tested again and ordered aids through SeboTek. I was absolutely certain, that I would not like them–or any other hearing aids.

However, I left the hearing aids on all day the first day, and have worn them all day, every day, since! Most of the time I don’t even know I have them on, they’re great! Just wanted to let the men (and women) that designed them know, they did a great job. I now hear in noisy places, hear the TV, hear the phone and they are so small and discreet not one person has noticed I’m wearing aids.

Thanks again,
Stockton, CA